Airsoft Innovations Bang 22 Xtreme Timer Sound Grenade

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This unique device uses super common powder nail driving cartridges to give some of the LOUDEST bangs in airsoft! It uses a simple and reliable 3-position selectable timer, full metal construction, it's super easy to use, and doesn't require any maintenance!
  • Full metal construction
  • Rugged and Reliable: No Maintenance. Timer detonates on any surface (grass, brush, dirt, wood, concrete, etc.
  • Selectable delay 1-5 sec. fuse
  • The grenade can produce 3 levels of sound. Each of these sound levels are 60% Louder than the Bang 22
  • Uses .22 Powder nail driving cartridges (NOT BLANKS)
  • Variable sound output depending on which cartridge used( Brown for CQB clearing, Green for loud indoor use, Yellow for extremely loud outdoor use)
  • Easy to reload: Cartridges are available at your local hardware/home improvement store
  • **Only use RAMSET .22cal Bottleneck cartridges (Non-straight) (NOT BLANKS). Bluepoint Fastener cartridges of any colour will not work (DO NOT USE!)**
  • Fits in a standard M4 Pouch

Customer Reviews

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Jason hill

Works well but overpriced… had regrets as soon as I recieved it… found out other sellers were selling for 30-40 % cheaper 😞

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