AceTech Bifrost M RGB Rechargeable Tracer Unit

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🌈 Rainbows Baby!🌈

The ACETECH Bifrost M RGB tracer unit simulates muzzle flash with multi-colored flame effects. The effect of flame depends on the volume of gas or fog around the muzzle, more volume makes for better effects.

  • Built-In ACETECH Bifrost M Rechargeable Tracer
  • Improved illuminator for enhanced BB glow activation for an ultra bright trace
  • Sustained ROF up to 35 rounds per second
  • Rechargeable built in Li-Poly battery
  • Works with green BBs only
  • FCC, CE, ROHS compliant
  • 11 different modes available for multi-color flame function
  • Mounts to 14mm CCW male rifle barrels

Customer Reviews

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Dan the man
cool as hell

I can literally shoot rainbows...definitely find shooting unicorn farts enjoyable...lights up white BBs pretty good but pair it with some tracer BBs and watch the BBs fly in the dark...would 100% recommend this to my friends

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