Cybergun FN Licensed M249 "Featherweight" LMG (Electronic Trigger MOSFET)

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Get to da Choppa!!!!!
  • Fully licensed by FN Herstal
  • Heavy duty design with a rugged yet lightweight feel that is ideal for fast paced games and long days on the playing field
  • Constructed almost entirely from high strength, fiber-reinforced nylon polymer (receiver, handguard, top cover, stock and bipod)
  • Aluminum alloy barrel assembly with metal locking mechanism
  • 400 fps (1.48 Joules)
  • Rotary dial hopup provides precise adjustment
  • Electronic trigger with inline MOSFET for optimal electrical efficiency and performance
  • 350 round hi cap M4 magazine
  • Aluminum alloy gearbox shell
  • 8mm metal bushings
  • Sintered steel 20:1 gear set
  • Plastic delayer chip for optimized Full-Auto cycling
  • Aluminum cylinder
  • Polycarbonate tappet plate
  • Polycarbonate piston
  • High compression polycarbonate piston head
  • High compression polycarbonate cylinder head
  • Polycarbonate lightweight nozzle
  • Quick-change spring guide
  • Full auto and safe firing modes only!(No semi auto)
  • Inner Barrel: 420mm
  • Wired to the front Handguard with a standard small Tamiya connector
  • Battery and charger not included
  • Optic and box mag not included

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