EMG Strike Industries Oppressor w/ Built-In ACETECH Blaster Rechargeable Tracer (Model: 14mm Negative)

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  • Built-In ACETECH Blaster Rechargeable Tracer
  • Improved illuminator for enhanced BB glow activation for an ultra bright trace
  • Sustained ROF up to 35 rounds per second
  • Rechargeable built in Lithium Polymer battery; fully charged battery will last over 22,000 rounds. Open the flash hider and charges via micro USB
  • Works with green BBs only
  • Auto shutoff after idling for 40 minutes
  • Precision CNC machined Strike Industries licensed Oppressor flash hider w/ 14mm negative thread
  • Customer Reviews

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    Hop up Hero
    Wicked good product

    I can't believe the quality, the product is amazing, comes in a cool case. DeeZee was also able to supply HEAVY tracer rounds as well.
    100% highly recommend the item, and the skills and knowledge from the staff is top tier.
    Will buy again for SURE

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