Valken 6" CO2 Airsoft Revolver Non Blowback Airsoft Pistol

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A beautiful hand cannon from Valken!

Comes with six brass cartridges and one speed loader to make faster reloads a snap. The cylinder holds six cartridges, and each cartridge holds one 6mm airsoft BB. Can be fired in double or single action, meaning that the hammer can either be cocked back before each shot or the trigger can be used to cock the hammer and fire.

  • Heavyweight full metal construction
  • 385 fps (1.38 Joules)
  • 6 shot - Double/Single action trigger
  • CO2 powered (Non-blow back)
  • 13-slot 20mm top accessory rail
  • 7-slot 20mm bottom accessory rail
  • Ergonomic moulded grip covers with finger grooves
  • Quick release 6rd metal cylinder design
  • Fixed hop up
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Comes with 6 brass shells, 1 speed loader and a hard shell case!

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